Deer resistant plants

I understand that marigolds are deer-resistant. Are there any other annuals that can be planted - - maybe in the middle of some marigo9ds?? Thank you
Submitted by marieclement

Hi, Well we have lists of deer-resistant plants in our Plant Encyclopedia on this website, but keep in mind that deer, in high concentrations, have been known to dine on marigolds as well as many other annual flowers. Go to the Plant Encyclopedia and do an Advanced Search and it should give you a planting list. But, you may still need to spray a deer-repellent on your favorite flowers.

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I live in an area where deers rule the community. Even though, I am going against the cardinal sin of plants, I planted roses and other plants with cages. So, you asked what is deer resistant plants where you don't have to cage or spray: Irisis, wall flowers,daffodils, lavenders, rosemary, day lilies, peonies, Thyme,native plants, and boxwood. I have all these in my garden, which I don't cage along with roses, italian cypress, and a few others that I have caged but am not now.
Submitted by genevieve.leigh