Deer repellants

How do I repel deer?
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There are a handful of things you can use to deter deer, but they?re known to adapt quickly so be prepared to change tactics frequently.

A- Fill nylon stockings with either human hair or bars of deodorant soap and hang them around the garden.

B- Make a smelly spray by mixing three eggs, one cup of skim milk, and one quart of water in the blender. Spray on plants, reapplying after rain.

C- Wetable Sulfur, sold in some garden center, makes a similar ?smelly repellent.?

D- Make a hot pepper spray by mixing two tablespoons of Tabasco sauce into a gallon of water. Spray it on garden plants, reapplying after rain. Use caution; this spray can irritate eyes and skin.

E- Coyote urine, found in some garden centers, repels deer. Put it into an empty plastic bottle with a piece of cotton rope running as a ?wick? through a hole in the bottle.  Set the bottle in a shady spot in the garden.

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