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Are there plants that I can put in the garden that will keep cats away?
Submitted by neffmom_dad

Hi, Sadly there are no plants that will repel cats. You can try a liquid repellent, the Liquid Fence company makes a good one, but otherwise you might have to resort to a layer of chicken wire over where they prefer to go to the bathroom. If you can keep them from digging a hole to go to the bathroom that will discourage them. I've never tried the liquid repellents, but it might be worth a shot. They are sold at most garden centers or places like Home Depot or Lowes.

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I don't know if there are any plants to keep cats away, but I did find info from my garden tab. They recommend useing chicken wire over the top of you mulch. Apperently cats don't like how it feels to walk on. I will be trying this here soon as I get my new garden beds put in. Oh and I heard that maybe Lavander? Good Luck!
Submitted by janet2142