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Cat Poop

We have just bought this house in October and we are finding that the neighbors cat likes to poop in our yard. We do not own any animals and are planning to be in our yard as soon as winter is over. We love gardening but don't want to have to worry about stepping or putting our hands in it. Advice?
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This is a problem for lots of suburban gardeners. You could speak to your neighbors about it, but I doubt that you would do much good. Cats are very independent creatures. If the cat  has
a particular place it seems to favor, try some of the animal repellent products in the garden center, either granular or liquid. Repel®11 and Liquid fence are a couple of products to try. If the cat prefers a particular plant, in addition to the repellent, put cut twigs of barberry or other prickly plants to make a low covering over the plant. Cats will quickly learn that they are not welcome at that spot. In any case, if you decide to grow vegetables be certain that cats cannot get in and ruin your crops.

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