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Can I use mothballs to keep rabbits out of my garden?

Can I use mothballs to keep rabbits out of my garden?
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Many gardeners seem to think that moth crystals or mothballs must be a "safe" rabbit repellent to use in the garden, because they can use the product in their home. These products are not "natural"; they are toxic pesticides labeled for use only indoors. Their specific purpose is to repel moths, not to deter rabbits or other pests in the garden. Read and follow label directions when using any pesticide. Misuse or improper dosage can lead to problems for the user or for the plants.

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Here's an excellent blog that talks how to keep rabbits away from your garden.
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A friend told me irish spring soap tide on a stake inside of old panty hose will keep most animals out of the garden.I tried it and it worked for me!I had the most beautiful garden last year.
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