Birds are eating my new flower sprouts.

Hello, What can I do to keep the birds from eating the tops off my flower sprouts I planted from seed. As soon as they are about 1" tall the birds eat the tops off. In the past I have used string and hung strips of tin foil on it so it flaps in the breeze, but I live in town now, and that looks kind of tacky. They don't seem to bother the zinnias, mostly the marigolds. Any ideas would be helpful. I have some plant spray, but it says not to use on new tender plants. Thank You, Victoria
Submitted by missvictoriaj

Hi Victoria,


Thanks for writing. This is a common problem that I've never heard a good solution for other than making a cage of bird netting to protect your plants.


Though I might suggest patience (as hard as it can be). Most of the time, this is only a problem for a couple of weeks --- once the birds are used to your plants they usually leave them alone.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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