Befriending cats, skunk and racoon

I'm so excited. We just moved to PA and last night discovered a skunk living under our new shed! Gracie came out to eat the cat food I put out for the stray cat we're feeding. We also saw Rocky Racoon eating cat food last week. I love the wildlife and I hope to make friends with all of these critters. Rocky had the cutest little face, and Gracie looked so fluffy and huggable. Is there any harm in encouraging these furry friends?? Debbie
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Hi, Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Our Garden Doctor system has been down for repairs for about a month. Anyway, we don't recommend feeding raccoons or skunks on purpose. Both of these creatures can carry rabies, canine distemper and fleas. And, they can be destructive to your home if they decide that your kitchen pantry is a better place to dine. I suggest you enjoy watching them as they pass by, but not encoruage them. There are plenty of natural food sources they could be eating.

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