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Ant Problems

I have major problems with ants in my flower gardens. They are stripping my perennials completely. I have tried Taro pellets but that doesn't seem to be working. What can I do?
Submitted by burggraff2

Hi, Are you sure ants are the problem. Ants generally don't strip plants, but feed on insect pests instead. But, because they are so visible, ants get blamed, when often they are on your plants to eat aphids or other creatures. I think you have another pest at work here and the ants are not the problem. It could even be the work of deer or rabbits and the ants are taking the blame.

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To keep ants out of your garden, house or anywhere, sprinkle baby powder all around it. Yes, you have to repeat it after a rain, but it really works! The ants won't walk across the powder, which is cheap to buy. Good luck! Deb
Submitted by jo8de9sh