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animal repellant

I know there is a recipe for making deer repellent spray to apply to plants out doors and I'm not sure of the ingredients. I believe part ammonia, dishwashing liquid and one more ingredient but don't remember or then equivalents. could you help?
Submitted by tirutajo

A quick search of the web for homemade deer repellent will get you dozens of recipes, some of which may be effective, and some which may not be terribly effective. Most contain eggs (their sulfur content is a smell repellent). Other common ingredients are soap, garlic, cloves, dish detergent, ammonia, and hot sauce. All of these products have some deterrent effect. We do not have a homemade recipe for deer repellent that we have tested or that we can recommend.

There are several commercial deer repellent products that are all natural and moderately priced. You may want to consider Messina Wildlife Control or Liquid Fence.

Answered by DSchrock
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rabbits are eating my flowers. Do you know of a repellant for rabbits
Submitted by apdp191