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Is there a substitute for white pepper?

what can I substitute for white pepper?
Submitted by kell172

White pepper is used to a great extent in recipes for appearance only, usually in white sauces where you might not want dark specks if black pepper was used.  White pepper is milder in flavor than black pepper as well. You can certainly substitute black pepper for white pepper, knowing that the black specks will show and that you might want to start with less black pepper than the white pepper called for and adjust the flavor as you go.

Answered by BHGFood
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since white pepper basicall y tastes like on old pair of shoes - at least that is what it smells like (according to a very good Chef ..Mark Langston at the reason recipes call for white pepper is like you said - so you don't see specks try "smart black pepper" - with out the shell - but still tastes like black pepper read about it at the cool thing is the antioxident in pepper is good for you!
Submitted by auggie1231