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What are some good no-cook meals?

I am having my kitchen remodeled. Any suggestions for main meals with no cooking? Florida
Submitted by gigjoa

These main dish ideas should help. They're listed as diabetic recipes, but really they're just healthier (lower in fat and carbs). I promise they're taste-tested and approved by the BHG test kitchen just like the rest of our delicious recipes!

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3) Tuna, chicken, or pieces shrimp salads with lettuce/tomatoes and bread with chips.
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1) pita and hummus, with vegetables of your choice, for a pita sandwich. 2) burritos with canned refried beans and shredded cheese, and vegetables with ranchero or taco sauce.
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set up an area for your microwave and use an outside grill to cook meats etc.. having a toaster oven helps too
Submitted by rattiemom2