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My bread machine bread came out hard and compact. What went wrong?

My bread machine bread came out hard and compact. What went wrong?
Submitted by BHGFood

Always make sure you follow the recipe and measure ingredients properly. Using bread flour, not all-purpose flour, is important, as bread flour has more protein and will hold the structure of the bread better. Check the date on your yeast container to make sure your yeast is not old. Make sure you are using the correct recipe size for the size of your cooker. If the recipe only makes a 1-pound loaf and your machine has a 2-pound capacity, the loaf will look small. Also, make sure you are using the proper settings on your machine for the recipe.

Answered by BHGFood
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make sure that you have lots of air in you flour.stir and fluff your flour. this will make the bread rise very well. carol
Submitted by carolmcbride1