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How do I make ham and potato casserole?

Hello, Can anyone help me out. I have all the basics for this dish, I can't remember the abc of putting together.Ham, potato's sliced,tomato skinned sliced,green beans, onion, butter,milk, and flour. It is like making scalloped potato's. This gets layered and the milk and flour gets poured over it. Does this sound right? Thanks Pierce
Submitted by pmcclearyp1

Greetings, pmcclearyp1! Sounds like a good recipe and the layering sounds perfect. However, you'll probably want to combine the flour, butter, and milk to make a sauce first. To do so, whisk the flour into the melted butter and stir over medium-low heat until bubbly. Add the milk all at once, then stir over medium heat until the sauce is thickened. For some recommended amounts (for the sauce) click on this link: Scalloped New Potatoes.

Answered by BHGFood

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