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How long do I cook two 14-pound stuffed turkeys?

How long to cook two 14 lb stuffed turkeys in one oven? One 14lb takes 4-4 1/4 hrs and a 24lb up to 5 1/2 How much additional time added to the 4 1/4 hrs?
Submitted by jpunzak2

You don't have to add additional time when you cook two turkeys at the same time. As long as you separate them so the heat surrounds all sides of both turkeys, follow the appropriate cooking time for each turkey. Be sure to use your meat thermometer to guage when each turkey is done. The turkey should be cooked at 325° F until the meat thermometer registers 165° F in the stuffing, 170° F in the breast and 180° F in the thigh. 
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thank you very much
Submitted by deilwench
Invest $15.00 in a remote thermometer placed in the thickest meat of one bird. Determine the temperature of a roasted bird from the BH&G cooking experts. When the beeper goes off, both birds will be perfect.
Submitted by HMACK21
4 1/4
Submitted by Joe.brita