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How long should I roast an 8-pound turkey?

How long do I need to roast a turkey breast that's 8 pounds?
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about 20 minutes per pound...get a proper thermometer and check the leg for 155 degrees; it will cook to the required 160 while it rests
Submitted by bibwillis1
cooking in a bag any size in 3 hours. starting with a cold oven 500 degrees for 1 hour, do not open oven reduce temp. to 400 degrees for 1 hour, than reduce temp. to 300 degrees the last hour. Make sure nt to open the oven during the 3 hours. I've cooked turkeys from 12Lbs - 24Lbs. paper bags are best for smaller birds. golden brown when done.If paper bags not big enough try a Roasting bag.rub bird down with butter,and try stuffing inside with apples and raisens soaked in brandy.
Submitted by timothypohara
Old-time answer is 25 mins per pound. Mom swore by it, and so do I. Never had a failure, even for our 26# turkeys.
Submitted by dhoradei1
cooking a turkey in foil - how long to cook a turkey weighing l8.5 pounds in foil? turkey will be stuffed.
Submitted by robbmom2
Depends on if you stuff it, about 25 mins a lb. Always use a meat thermometer & be sure to let it rest, covered w/ foil about 1/2 an hour.
Submitted by gbtowslee
I believe it is 20 minutes per lb of turkey.
Submitted by lareenbittourn