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This is my first time making turkey. What's a simple turkey recipe?

Does any one have a simple turkey recipe for a beginner cook?
Submitted by gammiof61

The simplest turkey recipe I recommend for a beginner cook is a traditional roasted turkey using the open pan method.  Use a shallow pan about 2 to 2.5 inches deep, and always use a flat rack so the turkey cooks evenly. Spray the turkey with a cooking spray before putting it in the oven. Cook in conventional oven at 325 degrees and start checking for doneness 1/2-hour before recommended end times for a tender and juicy turkey.  To prevent overcooking, place a piece of lightweight Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty aluminum foil loosely over the breast and top of the drumsticks when the turkey is 2/3 done. It’s simple and you and your guests will enjoy a delicious, tender and juicy turkey!

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both my daughter and I are going to make a turkey each how do we start and how do we remove the neck part please help thanks
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