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What are some recipes for injecting a turkey before deep frying?

What are some of the best recipes for injecting into a turkey before putting it into a Turkey Fryer? Are there any do's and don'ts you can share with me for a first time Turkey Fryer person? I just bought my first Butterball Turkey Fryer for in the house, oh yes it is an electric Turkey Fryer! Any suggestions, I could use the help. I want it to turn out "SUPER" of course!!! Thanks from Debbie in Miramar, Florida
Submitted by deborah.mcgee

Butterball offers special marinades with an injecting syringe to help make your fried turkey flavorful, tender and juicy! When you're using the Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, make sure the turkey is patted dry and thoroughly thawed before dropping it into the hot oil - keep in mind, the oil has to be up to the appropriate temperature first!

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