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Whether you?re looking for recipes, cooking advice, or helpful tips, is the place to find answers. Our experienced team of culinary professionals -- including food editors, test kitchen...... more
With her incredible turkey expertise and her easy-going personality, Miller is a favorite with national and regional media. Interviews of note include CBS's The Early Show, CNBC's Squawk Box, The Wayne Brady Show, The Other Half and Larry King Live.

Miller, supervisor at the Butterball® Turkey Talk-Line®, has been talking turkey for 27 years and can't rave enough about it!  She says her favorite part is speaking...... more

Deborah Wagman has been immersed in some aspect of food production since her first job of scooping 28 flavors of ice cream at an I-90 Howard Johnson's when she was 15 years old. (Favorite...... more

Rachel is a food editor at and is passionate about helping food-lovers of all skill levels confidently prepare delicious dishes their families will rave about. ... more