How do I keep dough from sticking to my Christmas cookie cutters?

I love to make Christmas cutout cookies, but the dough always sticks to the cutter. Do you have a magic trick for this?
Submitted by kayla.b.craig

We sure do, and it is super easy! When you begin cutting, just fill a small bowl with all-purpose flour. Before cutting each cookie, dip the cutter in the flour and tap it lightly on the side of the bowl to remove excess flour. This will do the trick.

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For small cutters, this video shows a great tip to get the cookie out by tapping it upside down.
Submitted by donnahippie
Deborah is correct, dipping your cookie cutters into a small bowl of flour will aid in cutting crisp edged cookies. You may also try spraying the cutters with a spray release that has a very light mix of oil and flour. You do not have to spray each time. Probably after cutting 6 - 8 cookies, you might have to spray again. You want your dough to be as cold as possible, the warmer the dough the more 'sticky' you will find it.
Submitted by linden2954