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Can I use my Nesco electric roaster as an oven?

My oven isn't working so I have to resort to stovetop/crock pot. For making scallops potatoes in my crock pot, is it necessary to cook the potatoes on the stovetop first? Also, I have a countertop roaster (Nesco, as some call it). Can I just cook using that at the temp I would set the oven to by just placing my 9*13 pan inside?
Submitted by juliedrapac

Hello! With the right recipe, you shouldn't have to precook the potatoes before adding them to the slow cooker. For a good example, click on this recipe: Scalloped Potatoes with Beans. Without knowing the size of your countertop roaster, it's hard to answer the next part of your question. It's probably best to refer to the manufacturer's directions. If you can't find your instruction manual for your Nesco product, you can download one or call to order a new one at the following website: Nesco.

Answered by BHGFood

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