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What's the best way to cook fresh ham?

I had a young hog butchered and several packages of the meat are labeled "ham roast". I have tried a slow cooker, with a meat thermometer in the roast to remove at proper temperature. I have also tried to bake until meat temp was proper. I haven't tried to boil or pressure cook one yet. Every time the meat comes out dry. The meat doesn't shred to use for pulled pork. It's just dense, and even hard to stick a fork through. Please help me with a recipe that is not dry. What method can I use?
Submitted by jeanbalch

I would suspect this is a cut from the pork leg, or basically a fresh ham, and these cuts typically do well roasting at a lower temperature (325 degrees F) until 160 degrees internally. You could try brining or marinating it first to help tenderize and moisten it.

Answered by BHGFood

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