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What's the best set up for cooking pork roast?

What's the best set up for cooking pork roast?
Submitted by fashionmaven6

The pork loin center cut roast. “[It’s] cut from the center part of the loin,” says Kari Underly, third generation butcher and founder of Range Inc.. “I ask my butcher to remove the entire bone and then have it tied back on. This gives you the flavor and support from the bone with easy carving. Simply cut the strings after roasting, remove the bone, and slice.” 

Answered by BHGFood
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Season pork loin roast with lots of garlic and mixed herbs (your favorites); drizzle down center of roast with 2 tblsp. or so of Kikkoman Garlic Soy Sauce; place on rack in foil lined pan; pour apple juice to just under the top of the rack (not touching roast). Insert temp. probe, cover with foil and bake according to weight of roast - remove foil last 10 mins, add a slight drizzle of pan juices or more Garlic Soy sauce down the center of the roast. Let rest - slice and cover with some scalloped apples or warmed Polynesian-style Duk Sauce == enjoy!
Submitted by wiener-dog-lady