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What type of jar is best for canning?

What type of jar is best for canning?
Submitted by Heather BHG Editor

According to our experts in the Test Kitchen, it's best to use only standard canning jars because they're tempered to withstand the heat of the canning process. Plus, the mouths of canning jars are specially threaded to seal with canning lids.

Answered by BHGFood
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For green beans you must use a pressure canner, if using a boiling bath it takes several hours. Get a pressure canner and follow the method you are using then process for 25 min at 11 lbs of pressure.
Submitted by scline25
I didn't have enough characters to finish my last question. Should I purchase a pressure canner and use pressure on the green beans instead of trying to cold pack them? I have lost about half of the beans I've canned by cold packing. Margaret -
Submitted by birdcage
I used your green bean canning instructions using the cold pack method in quart jars. I sterilized my jars in the dishwasher and kept hot water boiling to cover the green beans when packing them in the jars. I boiled them in the canner for 25 minutes. This was done in August. I've opened four jars to use so far and the last two that I opened were "rotten"! I've looked through all of the jars and have thrown away all of the beans that had the whitesh look in the bottom. Help! Advice please.!
Submitted by birdcage