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My cakes turn out dry. How do I make a moist cake?

How do I make my cakes moist?
Submitted by Kareninez66

The moist texture of cakes comes from the ingredients used, the method of preparation, and the baking time and temperature.

-Make sure to follow the recipes, using the ingredients called for. Some cakes use milk, buttermilk, or sour cream for liquid. They all are appropriate for different types of cakes. Some cakes use vegetable oil, butter, or shortening for the fat. Again, they all are appropriate for different cake types. Make sure to use real butter and not a substitute when butter is called for, as substitutes contain water, which will not give the same tender crumb as the fat from the butter.

-Make sure to follow the preparation steps in the recipe, following all beating times given. Some cakes are beaten with a mixer and some are stirred together. These will produce different cake textures, but both are appropriate for different cake types.

-Make sure to bake according to the time and temperature given in the recipe. Overbaking will cause a dry cake.

Answered by BHGFood
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please help me how to do a moist chiffon cake. thank you
Submitted by astred09yahoo
I've always found that this recipe has been pretty great when it comes to producing moist cakes.
Submitted by wjjd225
Are you using a blender or hand mixer? Too much of mixing/blending causes too much of gluten formation. Too much gluten causes DRY CAKES. Try hand mixing of batter - simple & effective RK Markan, Mumbai
Submitted by rkmarkan
you can also take your cake out of the oven a few minutes it will continue to bake while in the heated pan..
Submitted by srvivr211
you can also take your cake out of the oven a few minutes it will continue to bake while in the heated pan..
Submitted by srvivr211
use milk instead of water....
Submitted by srvivr211
I check my cakes in the oven 10 minutes before they are suppose to be done because depending on your oven, they can bake quicker. Plus i don;t bake until the cake is brown, that is too done.
Submitted by dianemolzahn
My secret for a moist cake every time is that I use an extra 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. If it doesn't call for oil, use it anyway.
Submitted by michelle2569
I substitute mayo (miracle whip) for oil. And it always comes out so moist. I think its' because mayo is made with egg, oil, and water so it makes it extra moist. I dont even bother to ice the cakes most of the time cause they're so good by themselves.
Submitted by PerfectBlend
I substitute applesauce for oil. The cakes are really moist and you cut calories
Submitted by
I make custom cakes, and I've tried just about every mix and homemade recipe out there. I now solely use Betty Crocker mixes and recipe as a start, increasing the oil by 50%, and reducing the water by the same amount. I bake the cake just until the center springs back when gently tapped with my fingers. I get rave reviews on the moist texture. I hope this easy tip helps, and happy baking!
Submitted by everettcastle1