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My cake didn't rise. What happened?

Why do my cakes made from scratch never rise? I follow the directions to the letter.
Submitted by lovesafricanow

There are several things that happen that cause the rising of a cake batter, which produces a cake with a fine, tender, light crumb.

  1. First is the reaction of the baking soda or baking powder with the liquid in the batter. These ingredients react together and cause air bubbles to form. So, it is important to use baking powder that is not outdated (check the date on the container).
  2. Second is the beating of air into the butter or shortening and sugar. This step is very important and cannot be cut short. Following the timings for beating in the recipe closely.
  3. Third is the introduction of eggs into the batter. Eggs, when beaten, add air to the batter, so it depends on what type of cake you are making as to how much the eggs are beaten. Sometimes the yolks and whites are beaten separately. Again, make sure to follow the timings here when beating in the eggs.
  4. Fourth is the heat of the oven. The heat of the oven can cause the baking powder to react further and cause more air bubbles, and the heat also sets the structure of the cake. The proper oven temperature is important to allow the cake to rise first before the structure sets. If the oven is too hot, the cake will set to fast before the air bubbles have a chance to form. Or, if the oven is not hot enough, the cake will rise too much, then fall in the center before it is set. To check your oven temperature, bake a cake mix cake. If the cake is done properly within the time range on the package, your oven is most likely baking at the proper temperature. If not, consult your manufacturer’s directions or consult an appliance expert on how to adjust the temperature up or down.
Answered by BHGFood

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