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Can I substitute whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour when baking?

Can I substitute whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour when baking?
Submitted by kayla.b.craig

Whole-wheat flour will make your baked products denser and heavier than all-    purpose flour does. Substituting whole wheat flour for white flour takes a little experimentation, but you will almost always be successful if you use ¾ cup of whole wheat flour to replace 1 cup of all-purpose flour.

    When making cookies with whole wheat flour, reduce the butter or shortening by     20 percent. When making cakes with whole wheat flour, add another tablespoon or two of liquid. When altering a white bread recipe to become whole wheat bread, you may need another ¼ cup or so of liquid.

If you like the texture of baked goods made with white flour but wish to add more whole grains to your family’s diet, be sure to try white whole wheat flour. This flour—milled from albino grains of wheat—behaves almost exactly like white flour, but provides all of the whole grain goodness of wheat flour.  

White whole wheat flour is beginning to be available in supermarkets, but if you cannot find it, check a natural foods or health food store. You may also purchase this flour at online sources, such as

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I subbed wheat flour for white flour in the BHG chocolate chip cookie recipe. I followed the recipe exactly and didn't alter any other ingredients and my cookies turned out perfect. You couldn't even tell I used a whole wheat flour and best of all none of my children could tell either.
Submitted by chjaynes