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What are the best ways to use applesauce as a substitute when baking?

in baking, what does apple sauce substitute
Submitted by dijee1

Applesauce often stands in for the fat in a baking recipe (oil, for example). However, it doesn't work equally well in all recipes and doesn't suit all tastes. One way to test it is to replace 1/4 to 1/2 of the called for fat in the recipe with applesauce instead of doing a total switch. The moistness, density, and texture of the baked goods can change depending on how much applesauce you use and the rest of the ingredients.

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I use Splenda for Baking. It's expensive, has some sugar in it, but you only use have of what the recipe calls for.
Submitted by 91441
My husband avoids sugar and also the sugar substitutes except for Stevia. Is honey considered a sugar? I have used it in a pumpkin pie and he liked it. Any more suggestions on a sugar substitute for baking?
Submitted by mmelde