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Is it a good idea to use milk paint on kitchen cabinets?

Is milk paint a good or bad idea to use on my new kitchen cabinets? I want to make the cabinets have the worn look and milk paint seems like a pretty good way to do it but I am not really sure about the cons of it. My house is a small Crafstman that I am renovating. Please help!
Submitted by smckgar

Unless you are a strict preservationist and feel you need to stay with the technology of the time, and there is something to be said for that, I would advise you to use 100% acrylic paint.  While the Craftsman movement placed the emphasis on “hand made” and the “craft” of building, it is not inconsistent to protect this work with the best coating available.  Right now that would be 100% acrylic paint which is available in an array of colors and textures even some very close to the “milk paint finish.”

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