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How do I refinish particle board kitchen cabinets?

Is there a way that particle board kitchen cabinets can be sanded and painted? They are old and have water damage. The cabinets are in a house that was built in 1980. Please advise and thank you!
Submitted by Falltime

While you can sand and paint particleboard cabinetry,  I can’t guarantee a wonderful or durable finish. This fix can make them a good deal more presentable.  Sand the cabinets first and get them as smooth as you can.  The I would recommend an oil based primer.  Latex primers will raise the particles in the board creating a rougher look.  You way have to sand again with fine sandpaper and apply a second coat of oil based primer.  The topcoat with two coats of 100% acrylic paint.  Try to find a finish that will “level out” and give you a nice finish look.  I have had good luck with ProClassic from Sherwin Williams and Cover Stain primer from Zinnser.

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