painting cheap kitchen cabinets

I have a mobile home double wide want ti paint the cabinets. They have a thin cover almost like contact paper or vinyl. Will I need to sand or can you suggest a paint that doesn't require sanding?
Submitted by kremerdb

I would not recommend sand or doing anything to the contract paper that is currently on your cabinets.   You should probably go to your local Sherman Williams or Benjamin Moore supplier and ask them what would be the best primer and paint to cover the cabinets.  Your best bet is going to be to leave the exiting laminate covering on the cabinets and make sure that you get a good primer and paint to go over the existing materials.

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First, what in the kitchen is "CONTRACT paper"? Maybe someone is working at home? Then how does someone "leave the EXITING laminate covering on the cabinets"? This advice is probably good, but the language surely is confusing!
Submitted by gwwhite1
Be sure and take on of the cabinet doors with you if possible. Home Depot is also a good place.
Submitted by shay19521