Help choosing a wall paint color

what wall paint colors would go with cherry wood cabinetry and brass fixtures? I remember seeing in a BHG issue last year on the color indoors page either peaches or corals. Could you please help me out? Thanks, Sandy in Crofton, Md.
Submitted by slplatts

Hi, Sandy-

Picking paint colors can be a daunting experience, even though it's the most easy-to-change part of the remodeling process should you discover you've selected a color you're not too fond of. Without seeing photos of your space, it's hard to envision what shades would work best with your fixtures and cabinetry. Have you heard of's COLOR A ROOM? it's a really cool tool that lets you play with paint colors on the wall without even dipping a paint brush. Check it out; hope it helps!



Answered by LaurenAust
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