Does it matter whether I paint walls and ceilings or refinish my wood floor first?

I want to refinish my wood floors and paint the interior of my home. Should I paint first and then refinish the floors or vice versa?
Submitted by margiedaniel

Start by painting the ceiling, walls and trim. Refinish the floors last. Even when using drop cloths, paint can get on the floor. You wouldn't want to worry about marring your pretty new floor after it's refinished. Spatters and drips will come off easily during floor sanding, so that's the way to go.

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sand the floors first then cover , paint then put the finish on the floors
Submitted by rumennek63932
Some refinishing contractors have machinery to capture dust into a bag; but irregardless dust travels! In my "first" home, I ended up with dust inside my kit. cabs. fr a refin proj that was 2 rms away. In my exp., it's best to close off the open pathways to rms being refin. & if there are doors seal off at top & bottom. Use rolls of plastic w/painters tape or purchase on line plastic doors w/zippers used specifically for remodel purposes. I would paint aft refin. because dust travels onto walls esp. clinging to textured surfaces.Newly refin. floors will be "poly" sealed & if paint drips it will come off w/water. Murphy's Oil Soap is a fantastic product for wood. For your own assurance bef painting double layer with drop cloths.
Submitted by Violetblu