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What's a good way to deal with dark paneling?

I bought a mobile home and every room has this dark paneling. Should I remove all the dark paneling or is there any other ideas I can use. I would like the interior to be bright and would appreciate color ideas. Thank you.
Submitted by Ken & Regine

Hey, Ken & Regine- You have the right idea in mind to introduce a light and airy color scheme into your small space. If you like the look of the paneling, would you be interested in painting it? Prep work is key when it comes to a successful paint job, so visit a paint store in your area--I shop where the professionals shop when I'm doing a job myself. I know the folks working there will be able to give me the best advice for my project and recommend the best product (when it comes to paint, this is not something worth skimping out on--buy the best you can afford).

As far as color options go, have you heard of COLOR A ROOM on That's a fun tool to play around with. If you're still looking for more personalized advice, we'd love to see pictures to get a better sense of the space and what furniture you have. Get those uploaded here, and we'll have one of our decor gurus help you out.

Best of luck with your project!

Answered by LaurenAust
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I recently painted our trailer that also had the dark paneling. The key is prep work. After thoughly washing the walls, I filled in all the lines that is naturally in paneling, with drywall spackle. Then I sand every one of those lines to make it even with the paneling. I then used a very good primer. I painted the top half a light tan and the bottom half a deep chocolate brown, then I put up chair rail where the two color lines met. I love it!!My living room and hallway never looked better.
Submitted by spencers_wife14
I have a house that has all dark paneling in the living room, dining room and hallway. It was installed years ago (1965 or about) and was told that it should be removed. But, it is nailed and glued on. So, I would also rather paint it but the rooms connect and the paneling runs into each room? The paneling is in good shape but getting a dry look and is scraped a little in places?
Submitted by vicannon1