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What is the best order to follow when making home improvements?

My husband and I recently bought a foreclosure. It needs new carpet, hardwood floors, paint, spindles on the staircase, and crown molding. How do we decide what to do first?



Submitted by emilybastel

Congratulations on your investment. The first step is to identify a budget and scope of work. You need to quantify your budget so that you are focused on items in which you are actually going to invest time and money. Demolition always is the start of any given project, and flooring is usually last. It sounds like you should proceed in this order: remove the flooring and staircase spindles, replace and install the carpentry items (crown molding and spindles), paint the project, and, finally, install your carpet and hardwood. You will either remove the baseboard and re-install after hardwood or you will need “quarter round” trim to hide the gap between the existing base and the hardwood. Don’t forget to look into lighting/electrical. I know you didn’t bring that up in your question, but older homes are often lacking adequate light. Good luck!!



Answered by AskAProJT

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