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What is most cost efficient way to landscape side yard that collects water?

Our side yard collects water from near by sprinklers, rain, and perhaps neighbors side yard. We have capped off the sprinklers in this area but water still accumulates. I have replaced the top greenish spots of dirt with fresh dirt but still erodes. Area is 25 ft long and 3 ft wide which comes up right to our home. We have 3 dogs and I am afraid that they drink the water left in this area when we are not home. Please help.
Submitted by pstuebner



Thanks for writing. One option is to create a rain garden --- that way excess water could collect in one place as it soaks into the ground and you'll have beautiful plants to help beautify the area. If there's a particular path the water tends to follow to where it collects, you could create a dry stream bed lined in rocks. That will stop most, if all, the erosion. You could even direct the water farther from your home with the stream bed.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,


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