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Is there a product that can be applied to walls to make them look like stone?

I saw a show on TV that demonstrated a product that was applied to a wall and looked like a stone wall. I believe it was made from concrete and applied with concrete. It also appeared that it was applied to a special surface. I'd like to know what these products are and how to do it. I'd like to face a wall that surrounds our fireplace.
Submitted by annearle

Hi, Ann-

Sounds like you're talking about a stone veneer product--a material that copies the look of stone, only at a fraction of the cost and weight. Depending on your DIY abilities, this project can be completed by a skilled weekend warrior. It may, however, be worth it to hire someone to do it for you. There are lots of different stone veneers on the market--just Google "stone veneer" and let the product perusing begin! Let us know what you pick and send us photos when everything is done! Best of luck.

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