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What can I do about a damaged drywall ceiling and insulation?

We are remodeling an older home and need to fix the ceiling. It is drywall with a popcorn texture that is cracking, sagging down or pulling away from the rafters in places. We have a family living in part of the house while we remodel. The problem is the attic has blown-in insulation on top of the drywall. What is the easiest way to remove the insulation and tear down the drywall? Or is there a better solution?
Submitted by vhanvey1

First, if it is pre 1978 you need to poly off all the room so no access can be gained except by those physically doing the work based on the new Lead Safe practices!  You need to do a final clean with a Hepa Vaccum and realize if you are doing the work as the homeowner there things that are good safe work practices no matter who you are!  If you need more info about the new practices email me at or Google Lead Safe Practices. You should find a great deal of information on how to do the project correctly.  I have fixed many ceilings like this and the best thing to do (not cheap) is to just remove the entire ceiling and replace it with all new.  If cost is a concern you can cover the ceiling with sheet rock and utilize the correct fastener to pull it all back into position. Contact a local NARI remodeler and they should be able to assist you as well. <>

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