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What do you suggest for redoing a stone fireplace?

My whitewash stone fireplace in my living room goes from the floor to the vaulted ceiling. We installed tile on the bottom and around the fireplace to break up the stone. It is still too much stone from the top of fireplace to the ceiling. Can you recommend something to put over the fireplace that would break up the stone and add some color? It's hard to "nail" or screw anything into the stone, so I'm thinking of a painted design but don't know what to do. I'd like some color.
Submitted by rr1844

A mantle is a great choice over a fireplace made of any material. A mantel—either a surround style or simple shelf would help to break up the expanse of stone and give you space to display. With stone it is difficult to install these items yourself; we suggest calling a pro. Another option would be to install a freestanding mantle in front of the fireplace. These pieces come in numerous materials and styles that frame the fireplace and can be attached to the wall on either side of the fireplace. These pieces also require professional installation. Your best bet would be to contact an installation expert in your area who can give you personalized options. As for a piece of artwork, it is difficult to offer any advice without seeing your space, but a large piece generally works well over a fireplace. Best of luck with your project!

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