Optimal Window design for narrow window

Sliding Windows: in our kitchen we have 3 narrow windows 28inches wide by 50 inches high. I don't like windows that open into the room with little children running around (hitting head of corner). Are the windows wide enough to have them sliding (not dbl. hung) but right to left? Where I live i've been told not to have dbl. hung because they break down easily and arent made properly over here.
Submitted by ksroussi1

It seems to me that the size you mentioned would work better as a double hung window.  I’m not sure about the info about them breaking down easily, good windows are good windows no matter what the shape and configuration.  Take a look at casement style windows.  These open like a door would to the outside, give you plenty of air when open and a nice clean look without a divided in the middle.  I think these may best meet the description of what you are looking for.

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