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How do I paint an old vanity set?

I have an old vanity set in my bedroom. I want to paint it but unsure of the color or what to even do. I recently got married and I need help add more colors to my apartment. We mainly have dark brown wood and black and I'm sick of dark colors. Please help me add some color and ideas.
Submitted by crystal_reyes03

Hey, Crystal-

When I hear of old furniture that's well-constructed but needs a spruce-up color-wise, I admit I get a little giddy. You have such a fun project ahead of you; I hope you're excited. Without seeing the space the furniture will be used in or knowing about your personal style or taste, it's hard to recommend specific colors. I recommend picking up some home decor magazines, checking out some blogs, and creating an inspiration board to focus your vision. As for the "how" about painting your vanity set, visit your bookstore and pick up "How to Paint Just About Anything." Or, you can find it on Amazon:

Hope this helps; best of luck!

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