Can you give me some decorating ideas for a new home?

I recently purchased a brand new home, built from the ground up. I'm in the process of buying new furniture. I want to buy some for the living room and need ideas to consider. The walls are alabaster and the carpet is beige. I have a picture called, "Three Drummers" that consist of the colors chocolate, blue, gold, and various shades of brown that will go in the room. What do you suggest for colors, furniture, etc.?
Submitted by k.staton

Congratulations on your new home! And how exciting to be able to furnish it with new purchases, as well. You are definitely starting in the right place—with a piece of art you love. You'll want to choose upholstery, case goods, and accessories using the art as a guide. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to give you any specific suggestions without seeing the piece of art or knowing your taste, the space, etc.

The good news is that there is a fabulous website,, that can help you! Visit the site and click on "Free Designer Room Review." You give them the info on your room and they have lots of professionals to help you. Happy decorating!

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