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Mudroom, Laundry room shelving vs cabinets

Hello. First, thanks! I appreciate the opportunity to ask for your opinion! I have a small entry way, which is used half as a mud room and half laundry room, (I have a top load washer and front load drier). I would like to know, should I install upper closed cabinets or upper open shelves (above the washer and drier). The storage area will be for towels. Which would make the area look bigger. Thank you.
Submitted by theboudreaus89

Since the storage you describe will be for towels (a fairly attractive item when neatly folded and in a bright color) and your main concern is making the area look bigger, I would think that open shelving would be the best choice.  This way you eye will read the open space, not necessarily the shelves on the items they contain. I am a big fan of open storage but there are some things that are better keep behind closed doors, especially when it comes to safety in the laundry room. If there are young children in your home, consider incorporating closed storage with child safety locks to keep curious hands out of potentially dangerous liquids and cleaners. For more inspiration, check out this slideshow on about laundry room cabinety. Hopefully this helps; best of luck!

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