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how can we close in a carport if the area floods from rain and a/c condensation?

hello! we would like to close part of our carport in for a laundry room but the rain coming off the roof floods the area on one side. also, our a/c condensation come up through a hole in the concrete out there. a knee wall isn't practical because we'll need a door on that side. gutters don't work because they overflow. i have a picture of the problem areas if needed. we've also considered turning it into a mudroom but the flooding may ruin anything we build. any ideas would be appreciated!
Submitted by voodoo5769

Obviously without looking at it this is a hard question to answer, but here are some things to think about.
Pipe the condensation away from the area with some pvc tubing. Install new larger gutters (standard gutters are usually 5 1/6” and you can get ones that are 6” and large downspout 3”x4”) and more downspouts that are run away from the area with more PVC piping under ground.  That should fix the water problem and then you can use the carport for what ever you like...but the water problem needs to be addressed first.
If the gutters are over flowing you should also check and make sure they are installed and pitched correctly so that the water is flowing through the gutters properly. If you are unsure how to do that you should consider having your local NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry contractor come out and check these items.

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Learn from our mistake! First of all use pressure treated lumber at the base - in fact putting the wall up on a layer of bricks would not be a bad idea, and you do need to take care of any water problem that is causing water to run back against the wall. If you put siding up, make sure that it is either plastic or pressure treated, or treat it with the solution that treats wood so that termites will not get in it. It's expensive at about a minimum of $89. Damage from incorrectly sloped gutter!
Submitted by ehager
does anyone know how i can post pictures of the area?
Submitted by voodoo5769