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How can I save money on my fuel bills?

Itís time for me to get serious about cutting back on home energy costs, but I donít know where to start. How can I get the most for my money?
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Over the last few years, marketers and home improvement publications have produced an avalanche of information on energy savings topics. That’s a good thing, but it can be a challenge to sort out. Fortunately, I can offer you a straightforward answer. There is only one way to know how to prioritize your spending, and that’s with an energy audit. A professional auditor will produce a report based specifically on your home. This will accomplish two very important things: an audit will help you avoid spending on items that won’t save you much money and will tell you exactly where you should invest for maximum benefit. Many people have told me that they want to replace their windows, which is one of the most expensive improvements to make. In most cases, insulation and home sealing will pay itself back much sooner. Only an audit can tell you for sure. Our slide show explains how it works. 


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