How can I fix a hole in the drywall beside an oulet?

I have a hole in the drywall beside an outlet - can I use expandable foam to fill and then finish it with drywall compound?
Submitted by ddsl2004

If it’s an exterior wall it would be good to fill the space with some type of insulation before patching. Then you will need a patch kit (available at any home improvement center) The patch kit will either be a paper tape drywall product or a mesh tape. You will cover the area of the hole with the patch and go a little further out from the hole to insure that the patch stays to the wall. If you are using the mesh kits most of those are sticky back and are applied to the wall and then compounded. The paper tape ones usually require a thin layer of joint compound on the wall to press the paper patch into. Then just do three thin coats of joint compound and feather it out from the hole so that it blends into the wall and can be lightly sanded and then painted.

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