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How do I pick a color for granite countertops?

I am putting in new countertops in the kitchen. The cabinets are oak with a fruitwood color and the hardwood floor in the kitchen is also oak in the same finish. My question/concern is whether to go with light or dark colored granite countertops. The stove, built-in oven and microwave are new and are black, but the refrigerator and dishwasher are bisque and don't need to be replaced yet. Also what color do I paint the walls? I am concerned about the room being too dark.
Submitted by diana_kurdziel

In my experience I would suggest going as dark as possible with then granite, then brightening the room with lighting and wall colors.  Darker granite has a quite a few positives, it costs less, stains less and usually has a nice visual depth without being too busy.  Your cabinets are a pretty light color and can look really sharp with the contrast of a dark stone.

Hey Diana-

Sounds like you have quite the project on your hands! When it comes to specific color recommendations, it's best for us to have images of the space so we can get a grasp of the materials and the space you're working with. If you can email them when you get a chance, we'd be happy to review them and give you prompt, personalized advice on how to proceed with your remodel.

Looking forward to hearing from you; good luck!

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