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I have a big huge empty wall in my townhouse and I want to hang a pretty mirror there. I am thinking about getting multiple mirrors so that they won't be too heavy and tear the wall. Anyone has any creative ideas on how to hang mirrors? I've always heard that less is more!
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When it comes to a large wall, less can be, well, less. If you hang one smaller mirror, it will look dinky on a huge wall. First, you should figure out what size (whether it is a single item or a grouping) you need on the wall. To do this, tape sheets of newspaper on the wall until the size feels right. Measure, and you have something to shoot for. If you hang the large mirror properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about the wall tearing—you'll want to use anchors and maybe even call in a pro. If you’d rather have multiple mirrors for a more modern feel, there are many options for designs. You could hang mirrors in a row, create a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern or create your own design. Consider several different options before you invest. Check out the following slideshows for ideas: http://www.bhg.com/decorating/home-accessories/wall-art/. Happy Decorating!

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