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living room paint question

I am looking to repaint our living room with a color that will bring in more light colors then dark. It faces north and there is not a lot of daylight that comes through the windows. Any suggestions on paint for the walls that will allow the look of more light into the room? I don't want just a plain white color. I would like something a little different but still neutral in color. Thanks.
Submitted by ladylaura71

Any light wall color should reflect light into the living room, making the room appear bigger and brighter. Choose a color pallet that matches your style, and use the lightest color of the group to paint the walls. The easiest way to choose a color pallet is to take it from an object in the room that you love—this could be a pillow, painting or even a blanket. Choose the colors from the object and expand them into the entire room. It’s also helpful to think of the room as an outfit, look at the predominant colors in the room, such as the color of the sofa or curtains, and imagine you are wearing them. What other colors would you be wearing? Thinking of colors in these terms tend to make it easier to choose color pallets that work for you. For ideas, check out these slideshows on decorating with color and neutrals: Happy Decorating!

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