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How do you place furniture and drapery in a room that is a rectangle with a fireplace at the narrow end surrounded by two windows that go to the ceiling and then two widows on the long side of the rectangle right next to the other two windows and the room has 2 entry ways???? There is one los side wall with no entry or windows ...ohhh it also has a cathedral ceiling!
Submitted by cdragomer1

You are not alone in your frustration with the shape of your room. Many homeowners face this challenge, and there is always a workable solution. Cathedral ceilings are beautiful and add character to any room, while also making the space feel larger. When choosing a furniture arrangement, you must first choose a focal point. In this room, would you like the focus to be on the fireplace? Is there going to be a television? Whatever the focal point, arrange the furniture around it. One big key is to remember that furniture does not have to go against a wall. Sofas and chairs are perfectly acceptable when floating in a room. Visit to create your room and furnishings virtually. Try several variations—virtually, on paper or with the actual pieces—until you discover what works for you. Remember to place furniture in a comfortable position for social interaction and far enough away from entryways to allow for easy movement. 

Hey there- Think you could take some pictures and upload 'em here? I'd be happy to pass them on and show them to our decor gurus so we can get you some helpful hints.




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I have an open area living room. The south side of the living room is open to the entry way. The north side is all sliding glasss doorwalls. There is an entrance to breakfast area on the northeast and southeast with a wall separating them. I have one long wall on the west side.
Submitted by jmikyska1