How can I match my cabinets to my countertops and flooring?

I have dark granite countertops, black marble flooring in the kitchen. What color should I paint the cabinets?
Submitted by dmi091200

Hey, DMI-

Sounds like a lovely space! Do you have any photos you could upload for us to peek at? it's much easier to get a grasp of your space and the fixtures/existing materials when we have images in hand. Thanks!

Lauren, Associate Editor of Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine

Answered by LaurenAust
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I would hesitate to PAINT installed kitchen cabinets where there is already a marble floor and granite counter tops. (It would be like putting a thatched roof on a brick and stone home.) If you had the foresight to install high-quality unfinished cabinets, use a good stain, followed by a urethane finish. Or hire experienced cabinet finishers to do it for you.
Submitted by gwwhite1